Before you start

You will need:

Click here to be directed to the DVLA site for licences application on-lineYou will need a current driving licence issued by the DVLA; a provisional one for learners or a current full licence for advanced or refresher courses. This will be inspected by the instructor to ensure it's validity.

First Lessons

Your First Lesson

Quiet roads are good for early lessonsYour First lesson? Don’t worry, I’m experienced friendly and very very patient and I’ve been teaching in the area for the last 5years so I know all the quiet places to go so we won’t be bothered by other drivers.

Lesson Planning

Suit Yourself

Individual tuition to suit your needsI offer tuition tailored to your individual needs. Lessons are available during weekends and evenings to fit in with your busy schedule. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or looking to enhance your driving skills and save money on your motor insurance with a Pass Plus certificate, I’m the Instructor for you!

book your Test

The on-line method

Govrnment on line resources provide lots of information and tipsWhen you’re ready for your test whether it’s your Theory of your Practical you can book it here yourself, just follow the links below. Or just ask me and I’ll book it for you. Easy!

After Passing


Congratulations - tear up the L PlatesNow that you have passed, how about taking our Pass Plus course. It will help you cope with driving on the road and is recognised by insurance companies possibly leading to cheaper insurance premiums.